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  1. Is there a media controller out there that will just play mp3s from a ext.hardrive without the laptop? We used to use the NUmark DDS and loved the concept. Thanks!!!!!!!

  2. Hi this helped me out so much if you can check out my remix and leave a comment it would mean so much to me coming from you thank you:) /watch?v=4ZSuycQ6XVY

  3. you showed how to connect the pc to the mixer by way of usb but how did you connect speakers? do you use a amp? please respond asap

  4. Hey, is it possible to connect the Numark DJ IO directly to any powered DJ speakers through an "RCA to Male XLR" cable?

  5. why do you guys all think DJ'ing has to involve a laptop….I use CORTEX rigs
    I have 3 models..the HDC1000, HDC3000 and a DMix300…all run off a external hard drive…I am using SSD's now..solid state drives…120Gb…this method does away with interfaces…laptops that die…and duplicated functions…ie Virtual DJ and it's mixer control AND a fully functioning mixer in your DJ rig..btw I am not a newboy, have been DJing for 35 years

  6. @mike71flores you have some video with your now-adays equipment then ? – if you do, you can just post link in my YouTube profile.

  7. okay, this is really good equipment, but still …. you should consider Traktor instead of Virtual DJ, it costs the same (freeware version of Virtual DJ is only free, as long as you use it at fx. your home – private audience).

    And then….. WHAT a big flightcase for just that equipment.

  8. how mush for all of that ? its cool i want to buy one. the asio where can i buy that? does any music shop have that for the head set and speaker?

  9. Do you know a reliable but realativly cheap soundcard with 2x stereo line/phono in and 2x stereo out? I'm dj'ing with vdj and timecodes on vinyl, but I have to use a Hercules RMX to use connect it with my laptop. It would be nice if I could replace the RMX with just a simple soundcard.

  10. @thedjfantastic1 how does it work for the crossfader for video mixing im thinking about getting this one but wonder how will i mix videos? i know the cross fader on the mixer works for the audio! but how about for video?

  11. how do you control (on the program)your eq and your gain and master vol since the midi dont have any control over that and does that matter

  12. @mordsgaudimachen HAHAHA! How old are you? 60? 70? You can plug a DJ Controller into a laptop, which has two turntables and a mixer. Same effect, just on virtual turntables. It takes 100% the EXACT amount of skill! Besides, DJ's don't just "press play"… there's an extremely complicated process involved. And FYI, it's not them "stealing other's work", it's giving the crowd something to dance to: if anything, it's enhancing the originals. I don't see why you have a problem with laptop dj'ing…

  13. Hey mike, I'm using a Numark midi controller and virtual DJ software. I have to use a DJIO of course. If I upgrade to a Dennon midi controller like the one in this video will I still need my DJIO????

  14. im jus wanna kno if ya can help me out with the virtual dj (CD timecode settings) that work good with 2x dennon 3700 coz i seem to have trouble findin the best settings
    plus im not sure if it my gear or the virtual dj but im having controling the tracks (E.G i press play but virtual dj doesnt respond n when i stop the the dennon the virtual turntable keps goin back n forward (Make A Scratching sound which is pissin me of)….. plz holla back…peace

  15. OMG I am sorry Dude that Denon thing looks like a waste of alot of money and time. I am a Dj and I use Virtual DJ. I just control it with a mouse to my laptop. and It works awesome. I get many complements on how I run my shows. All that extra stuff just looks like a waste of time. Like you would be focusing more on running your equiptment then your customers. As a Dj we need to focus on keeping a packed dance floor and keeping the people happy.. all that extra Crap to me is just a distaction.

  16. @ulalaulala12 wait for The traktor s4 to be released. Its coming very soon, has its own internal mixer and soundcard.

  17. @mordsgaudimachen I'm not gonna get into a war of words here. You're taking this way to seriously. But to answer your question "who uses software" Dj AM, Dj Tiesto, Dj Samantha Ronson, Dj Paul Oakenfold, Dj Pual Vandyk, Dj Sasha. (that's enough for now) You get the point now? Have a good day.

  18. @missle25 DJ = Disc Jockey… wheres the disc? These top "DJ's you talk about… well give me some names I guess, because most Top DJ's as you say are also producers who are doing more than using some bullshit to just play songs. If I go to a club or party and see some asshole on a computer I can just assume he is playing with media player and doing his taxes up there… Feel free to think what you want. I just put in my 2 cents

  19. hey…im going to have my 16th birthday party and i have virtual dj. I want to dj my own party…do you think i need anymore than speakers, virtual dj, and a laptop if im just going to be switching songs by crossfading?

  20. @mordsgaudimachen "How you look? if you walk in anyplace with a Laptop and call yourself a DJ"… You obviously have ZERO clue what a laptop is used for! Almost every top dj around the world who works in a night club or where ever STOPPED using real vynol a long time ago! And you have the nerve to call out MIKE???? HAHAHAHAHAHA Mike, good video brother. You answered a few questions I had.

  21. @bohicadeus I dont need to be a good DJ. Anyone can go to the store buy a cd/record/mp3 whatever, and play it. That is easy. Composing is whare it's at! Dj's are a joke! I mean you just play something someone else made, and act like you are so cool because you can press play? My MP3 player can do that! I have respect for producers, and for turntabilists… but not DJ's! You clowns are a dime a dozen

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