How To Fix Novation Twitch Audio Output?-

How To Fix Novation Twitch Audio Output?

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How To Fix Novation Twitch Audio Output?

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How To Fix Novation Twitch Audio Output?

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  1. I love Razormix "but do drunk people really notice?" I just purchased a Twitch and read enough about the audio output. I purchased an ART PowerMIX III on Amazon after reading what some others have done to solve the power output. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this controller. I hope I made the right choice??

  2. Dude that is just BS, I have djd since the 90s and would love to use this controller, and what this guy has offered is a work around on a product that novation skimped on.

    I honestly dont think they thought pro djs would wanna use it, but they were wrong.

    I might go with a A&H Zone k2, but that is USB powered so am woundering about the output of that now.
    Either way if your such a pro you should know that some booths you end up playing in, have basic gear even without monitors sometimes lol

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