How To Fix Novation Twitch Audio Output?-

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  1. You missed one point, you can also plug the master output of the twitch to an input on this mixer AND the booth output to an other input. Then you get a 6db gain without any distortion. Then mix them together, you will have the massive sound you expected ! 😉

  2. I love Razormix "but do drunk people really notice?" I just purchased a Twitch and read enough about the audio output. I purchased an ART PowerMIX III on Amazon after reading what some others have done to solve the power output. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this controller. I hope I made the right choice??

  3. I've got two and they both send at unity just fine. If that's not hot enough line signal, then one can mere change the output settings in Serato under SETUP. Yeah, their tech support and documentation sucks, but this is a pretty easy fix without buying something you don't need.

    I might make a video for this myself.

  4. Dude that is just BS, I have djd since the 90s and would love to use this controller, and what this guy has offered is a work around on a product that novation skimped on.

    I honestly dont think they thought pro djs would wanna use it, but they were wrong.

    I might go with a A&H Zone k2, but that is USB powered so am woundering about the output of that now.
    Either way if your such a pro you should know that some booths you end up playing in, have basic gear even without monitors sometimes lol

  5. I guess some people don't appreciate the time you spent just to help others out.
    I have a Twitch controller that I mess with in the Studio and it sounds fine for what I do.
    If you plugged the outputs in to a $20,000 Club Sound System, why would it still not sound right? Isn't the Club Amps, Limiters, etc. doing all the major leg work?
    I know the converters on this thing aren't the best but do drunk people really notice?

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