How to get audio from DJ controller to a laptop (Low end controller)-

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  1. ddj sb2 has a mic input on the side of it with a volume nob. can that mic input be used to get sounds/ music on to ddj sb2 set up/ program serato?

  2. i use ddj sx, and i hve output problem, the deck channel is working ( the meter is work ), but the master meter doesnt work, the song is playing, just dont hve sound, and at the sound properties, i cant chose speaker bcse its unavailable,

  3. The issue is lost the monitoring feature once the monitor output is linked to mic and we are unable to tweak headphones knob so it will mess the recording

  4. hey i just plugged my 3.5 mm jack to my laptop headphone port with mixtrack 2 to check wether it is capable of recording sound but nothing happened. now i am cerous about that what i just did does it can damage my laptop and controller soundcard or any part?

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