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  1. i edited a couple of tracks but when it gets to the actual song the waveforms become smaller in serato and then it kinda loses the heavy bass does anyone know what i'm talking about?

  2. I wish they were all this easy but you skipped a step explaining Warp markers which is the most important part. Not all tracks you will  find the accapella and instrumental. ;-(

  3. I know you said that the acapella was the trickiest of the intros but honestly instead of doing that cut of that last section where it didn't sound natural you could've just did a nifty little vocal reverse, or chopped it up and sliced it so it made a cool sound, or just use the ending of the instrumental with the 2 claps, just sounded kinda awkward with the weird space there where there was no sound.

  4. Where do you get your acapella's from? Is there a site or do you make them yourselves via equalization and editing or do you go to the studio and buy a copy of the original vocal recording? 

  5. Would appreciate a tutorial on how to use Ableton or any DAW software to fix an error on a mixtape.  Tired of starting over when I make 1 or 2 small errors in my mix.  Perhaps you can add that to your list of future tutorials.  Otherwise, great job!

  6. As if DJing wasn't easy enough already these days…. What happened to learning to scratch or something to mix in difficult songs… Not that this is even a difficult song to mix in the first place! 

  7. Billie Jean Drums, O.D.B. I got your money. great song. Wu! If you a Dj and you need to watch this video, quit! Unless you're 12 years old.

  8. using a method similar to that last method, once you get the bpm right, you can take the intro vocals and play them inverted over the full track for just the intro which should take out the vocals for that part, giving you an instrumental intro

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