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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. Thank you! Much love! This helped me out a lot. I never talk…And I mean never! I play the records and keep it moving. But I am going to practice like you said… Keep them coming please!

  2. Used to be the same when I started DJing 11 years ago, but the shyness goes away. I now do two radio shows a week streaming live online and chat on the mic giving shout outs and playing requests. Im confident on the mic when Im DJing in the clubs. To overcome my fear I used to pretend I was presenting a radio show (in the very early days) and got used to own voice. As time went on the confidence grew and grew.

  3. Right when he said "U r now the center of attention and people all of a sudden look at u" Or something like that, my eyes widened like and i said "Oh shit, people are gonna stare at me like what might he say" And then i almost pissed myself (Not literally) and then i watched the rest of the video, now, im ready to take on my first book at some Halloween party, These videos first inspired me to because a DJ, now, about a year later, ive got gigs all from watching his videos. Love em

  4. It is Important that the person is the centre of attention, cause it's the DJs Job to Announce his or her Birthday or what ever the case might be. If you do not chat or talk over the Microphone While DJING, It is Bad. Cause Now people maybe wondering why is the DJ not talking? Then they may go to another DJ. My Encouragement is to any first time Mic User, is:
    Get used to it, you will over come it.
    It is about Having Confidence in yourself.

  5. HI all I can understand what you are on about but shyness for a DJ! sorry the two don't mix. If you suffer from shyness find some thing else because there is nothing worse than a DJ who can't speak or have a laugh on the mic.You realy need to feel the crowd and enjoy.
    Regards DJpete8

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  10. first time i deejayed i got a spot in a bar in town .. i would get complemented by my employers and even a few of the public on my sets .. but the critisicm i got was from my employers and that was i didnt use the mic.. im a shy person in general with a fear of sounding or saying something stupid which transfers itself onto the mic , also dont believe in my voice or what im going to say but im going to try the tips from this video and hopefully i can gradually over come it

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