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  1. I'd like to see where your fader is for each type of scratch, chirps go all the way across the fader right? and which is centered but doesn't go all the way across?

  2. why david ghetta just play musics, hes is a conceituated dj, but don't do nothing, just ´play musics on events? i don't understand

  3. finger prints on records is unclean. Comments. Records do not sound clear. no good. Finger prints on records is very notisable.

  4. the closest Dj School closest to me is Miami & unfortunately I can't go there to learn to scratch I have bills, responsibilities, & a family & I desperately need a teacher to critique & give pointers.

    I have been mixing breakbeat, trance, & house 10+ years but i really want to learn to scratch, trick mix, & freestyle.

  5. i am sure you can only do a baby scratch in your headphones…..unless there is a mixer that has a function that allows the fader to cut whilst cueing in the headphones and not out live through the speakers……do these exist?

  6. MAN! I am new to Scratching. I love music and do I.T. Working Daily Fixing peoples computers, I finally went and got 3 amps, active crossovers so my system is LOUD! well wife said hey.. you got everything but need to scratch. She got me the MixPro3 till I get good then will get me the 999.00 Pioneer. But I have no clue how to scratch or use the darn crossfader LOL. Thanks for these

  7. Which Sample I should use for Scratching.I know a couple Sample, but think they are not best. Can you recommend me a few.Thanks!! greetings from Germany

  8. J'en connais de très très bons … Skratch Bastid est le meilleur ! Il a cette technique et ce son qui te rend OUF ! YES !

  9. My thing is I'm not hand eye coordinated so the learning the crossfader part been my biggest issue but I can blend chop Mashup transition with no issue helppp!!!

  10. lmao!!!! Overtime I see you scratch, I picture that young kid, doing the Emperial march on the turntable, and the look on that other guy's face !!!

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