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  1. kl bro i am doing the exact same thing but when i record through audacity or even m.s record software it is distorting like crazy.. like not even clipping because it is too high it is just fully distorted no matter how quiet or how low the levels are.. i think my laptop is choosing to pick up the sound from the wrong place for some reason…. any answers why ? !!

  2. Thanks for the tips on this . Im new to recording my Sets and such like on video. But im fed up of doing scratch videos suing in built camera mics. they dont do it for me. I was unsure how to sync up my separate audio and video tracks.

    Nice one! =]

  3. @Omega90lsr Sup broski, sorry for the lag response. My secretary manages my Bandpage, but she says a video on it would be boring cuz she doesnt really do anything except click one button to update stuff =P . anything specific you want to know?

  4. @DJNaturale Im not really understanding your question, i think. . . . the Video feed and the Audio feed are recorded separately, and this video shows how i sync the two feeds.

  5. Yay! Finally know how to do that and already have what I need! Audacity is free but I have a vid editing software called sony vegas…you can get a mini version of it for like $40! Just a thought…Nice vid! 🙂

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