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  1. Hello! i have a technical question (i have an mk5):
    when i put my tonearm in the middle of the plate to balance it, it stays in place. when i put the tonearm away from the center of the plate to balance it, it keeps on going back to its base, it doesn't stay in place! what does it mean? (the anti-grip is set to 0).
    Thank you

  2. i pot mine always to zero and it works geat
    beofore i got mine in one and it started to ship the disk to the end

  3. I'd just like to say as someone who just bought a new turntable this video is very informative. Hopefully when I get home I can configure it to a musical zen.

  4. It's not supposed to be floating while it touches the vinyl… You make it float, set the dial to zero, then turn the counterweight itself to the proper setting (depending on the cartridge's weight).

  5. ok so my turntable, i think the cartridge is too heavy for the tone arm because i cant really get mine to float. but ive noticed that if i hold it horizontally as if it were floating it sits too high and cant touch the vinyl. why is that?

  6. No offense, but the anti-skating part is wrong. It's function is to counteract the force on the needle while in the groove on a spinning record. The best setup is actually to get a test record with no grooves, drop the needle somewhere on the grooveless record WHILE IT IS SPINNING and THEN adjust the anti-skating to where the tonearm stays in place.

  7. Anti-skate is used to counter-act the natural tendency of the needle to pull towards the center of the record. A setting of 0 will not counter this force, and the needle will ride on the inner side of the groove slightly. A setting of 3 will create an outward force and the needle will ride on the outer edge of the groove. To balance the forces, use a piece of vinyl without grooves, place the needle in the center and adjust anti-skate until the needle stays still. DONE.

  8. @frequencycheck and what can i do, when i its just possible to set 2.8g, because you reach the end ? I do also need 4g, but its just possible to set 2.8 =(

  9. big VID
    might need some more help , I had 1210s but sold them but I make all my vids on youtube using the turntables that i take to all the house parties so they r fucked but cant aford new 1s , I thought it was the needle so I bought new 1s & still jumps I have to constantly clean my vinyls before use, & any bit of dust might make the track jump. I aint got the money anymore so i even tried wiping the vinyl wid water ,
    Ill try this .

  10. thank you soooo much. you saved my vinyl and DJ life. My weights were backwards. Now everything set and level. I just finished a practice set and there is noticeable difference for the better. Good job and thank again.

  11. Only if the guard is designed in such a way that you don't have to physically remove it.
    If you set the balance and THEN remove the guard, that won't do any good.

  12. Thank You very much… alot of my so-called dj mates didn't know how to do this, they usually just had it at the heaviest weight on the vinyl. I am sure this has enabled longer life for my needles and vinyls.
    Thanks again. I am slowly working my way through all those things I wasn't entirely sure on and it is helping me plenty.

    from down in Sydney

  13. This is a fantastic clip. Before watching this. i cold never figure out how to properly adjust the turntable tonearm and antiskate. After watching this beautifully explained clip and trying this formula for myself on my 3 turntables, not only are the tonearms functioning beautifully, but the sound quality somehow is more wide. Thank you so so much for this info. I salute to you and all the turntable fanatics like myself. Long live the vinyl.

  14. j thank you, i have just bought a new 25quid record and it was skipping but after watchin this turtorial its all gud cheers!!!

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