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  1. PFL actually stands for Pre- Fade Listen lol but anyway you can use the pitch adjustments buttons or whatever instead of moving the pitch fade to manually sync. Anyway I only use this to test new music out as I don't own any cdjs

  2. Dude you are amazing!! Saved my life as soon as you said u need to plug audio into usb not the normal input… thanks a LOT

  3. Following your instructions but have an issue. I get into virtual dj config settings. I click on Sound Setup and get the same screen you do. When I click on the "outputs" I get three listings only, headphones, external mixer and 3-lines mixer. I DON'T GET AN "ADVANCED CONFIG" as you do. Do you know why? Is my virtual dj version 5.2 to old. Is the advanced config in a newer version? Any help out there? Thanks

  4. my big problem is being able to use my mic on my headset i go a brand new headset and static and i get constant static when i broadcast and i know its not the headset because it works fine when i skype

  5. nice demo.
    btw your pc is very fast to load the music file into a deck… is it a laptop ? is file loaded from an ssd ? mine is an i7 with 8Gb memory and I dont manage to perform a fast load, even if I read the file from a ramdisk, which is the fastest disk i could have..

    so looking for the hidden setting/tip to get the most performance of my laptop when I load a file on a deck.
    i've already set to 'best performance' instead of 'battery saver', disabled antivirus..

  6. You my man, are a genius! Thank you so much for enabling me to use my laptop (with one sound card) for VDJ7. 🙂

    Just to add that I had to also reset the decks 1&2 from Primary Sound Driver to Realtek Speakers 5.1 system I was using. So, make sure that you have the decks 1&2 correctly configured to the speaker system you're using, and don't presume it will work on the default settings i.e. Primary Sound Driver or other.

    Thank you so much. You have potentially saved me a fortune and a lot of heartache.


  7. PFL button stands for pre fader level. and there is a way to be able to listen to the main in one earphone and cue in the other to make it easier to match beats

  8. my friend i followed everey single step you said it worked perfectly until someone cleaned my computer  virus and all and again i followed every thing you said on the video and now i cANT HEAR MY USB AT ALL BUT OMUSIC COMES OUT OF THE  COMPUTER SPEAKERS  HELPPPPP

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