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  1. Nice! this is 100X more informative and teaching then all those tutorials out there!
    thank you

  2. Amazing video. For someone who has used 1210s since 1994 and just transitioned to CDJs it’s a great way to see some of the possibilities with creativity. Whilst I love vinyl, CDJs allow so much more quick transitioning, effects and general mashing of tracks to an extent that people think many are remixes. Top notch LL!

  3. I've been a professional dj for more than 7 years and its still a part time situation
    How did you make the choice to run it full time and start touring with a family etc . .
    I live in South Georgia where there is no music scene much at all and I'm forced to be more a open format dj than I like to be at times I just
    Want to throw down something funky like "Woz" but I'm forced because it's a gig to play "Wobble" don't get me wrong I love my people here
    But we are so behind times
    I feel like I'm all alone …… not only in my style … but I want to excel and be greater than I am with a family ….. thank you for all you do Sir

  4. Probably the best Set I've ever seen. He is actually mixing and remixing live. I love Mixing house for that very reason.

  5. cool tricks to be learned here, mad respect to you Luke for givin back. been trying to peek at DJ booths in festivals to see how they mix but the closeup camera-time has always been too short lol.

  6. I like the style of djing like luke do 🙂
    very interesting…
    some more Videos for Music Production would be nice

  7. Wow Luke, this gave me goosebumps, you're definitely an adrenaline seeker and the talent is unreal, you genuinely have a great ear and know all your tracks inside out.

  8. Please next time do a video for the best way to start a set to make people dance and enjoy your tips to start a set the best type of music to start to get to edm and progressive house and big room set. And keep ir rolling bro nice

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