Introducing Dubspot Children DJ / Producer Program – Study to Create and Play Music-

Learn How To DJ

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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. You might want to think about wearing a Bra if your going to lean way over like that reminds me of Africa Coconuts but with more hair on them.

  2. This is awesome im just getting into DJing and im 11 and i was hoping that you guys can put obe of these classes in North Port FL

  3. This looks super fun and enjoyable! I hope they'll have classes soon, it's always been a huge ambition for me to make music, and this looks like an amazing starter program.

  4. I attended a good public school in northern NJ…. We had a music program (nothing like this)…. But our teacher was fucking awful. Would have been nice to have someone that taught music fundamentals clearly and made it fun. Coming from a self taught dj/producer. Cedar Grove HS 2001

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