Jessica’s Sweet 16 w/ DJ An Angel’s Creation gig log-

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Jessica’s Sweet 16 w/ DJ An Angel’s Creation gig log

Jessica’s Sweet 16 w/ DJ An Angel’s Creation gig logis a vid to help as you begin studying methods to turn out to be a DJ. With classes, tutorials, streaming movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Jessica’s Sweet 16 w/ DJ An Angel’s Creation gig log

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Video Mixing @Jessica’s Sweet 16 November 16, 2013 Mission Eben-Ezer Household Church in Carson, Ca. DJ An Angel’s Creation From San Diego to Los Angeles

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Tools: JBL Prx 615m collection & 618 XLF Subs, Pioneer DDJ-sx, Macbook professional, World Truss 6.65 sq. truss X 2, ITTC CS 15 15 ft. Heavy-Obligation Crank-Up Stand,
American DJ, Tri 7 flat par, mega go par 64, Spherion Tri led, Chauvet Scorpion 3d laser, rgb 3c, mega par profile, par 64p, Transferring heads x-move 25r, New American DJ quad Scan HP, Freq 5 strobes, martin atomic 3000 DMX strobe, Frankenstands speaker stands, Sennheiser wi-fi mic, Serato DJ, antari fazer Z-300 II.

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Jessica’s Sweet 16 w/ DJ An Angel’s Creation gig log

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  1. How do you control all your light & what's the name of the lights that you're using on your far corners on top of your truss

  2. Hey amazing gig log lol wish i had all that equipment, but may i ask where you usually get your music from (cumbia, tribal, duranguense) i want to know since i do mostly latino gigs but only find dj record pools with mostly english music. Thanks keep it up!

  3. Amazing gig! Is there any chance you guys can come to Orange County upcoming summer of 2015 for my sweet 16? Would appreciate if you could 🙂

  4. This was an awesome setup. And I like the van. Good music. The only thing I didn't like was the dancing. I mean they dance. But I'm from Texas and I know other places think it's dumb but dance around the floor. It's better in my opinion because you get to see everyone on the dance floor. And in celebrations like these, the birthday girl can show her mad skills to everyone lol. But that's just how we do it. Props on the gig log though

  5. Amazing night, you transformed the hall into a club atmosphere, it was so much fun,
    We're looking forward to planning another party just to have you have you back.

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