Be taught How To DJ Combine In 6 Minutes Utilizing Solely Your PC (Inexperienced persons)-

Learn How To DJ

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  1. No disrespect to the guy that made this video. But a monkey can be train to two DJ playing Disco, house and EDM of any kind.

  2. As a bass player from the 80's and 90's rock/pop/funk genre's I've always wondered how and what DJ's are actually doing. I've come to admire house/deep house music, a lot, and this simple tutorial answered real curiosity as to what is going on in the bigger picture technically/artistically/creatively …. thanks.

  3. What happened to the art of listening, a set of head phones, tapping your feet to find the bpm yourself, setting the volumes correctly and most of all using Technics 1210's with vinyl. 🖒

  4. video is quick and informative, thank you. i have a question for you reguarding setup and use. i downloaded the VDJHome , how do i get my music on there to mix it? also……the program shuts down after 10 min…
    how do you mix enough music for a party if you only get 10 min of use at a time?

  5. Awesome tutorial on how to blend tracks, but there is so much more to DJing! Song choice, presence, preparation, equipment, lighting, etc… For those watching this, this information is a big help, but do not attempt to go land a gig based off of this 😉 Thanks for the vid!

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