Be taught To DJ #13: Can You Be taught To DJ In four Weeks?-

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  1. I'am kind of a successful dj in my country (Bulgaria) and i highly recommend the course. I've watched it year or so ago in the beginning and Phil really tells a lot of vital info. Keep up the good work dude! 

    Cheers, Samuil

  2. whenever i try to go on the digitialdjtips website i get this error message and the page doesn't load "No suitable nodes are available to serve your request." i used to be able to go on the site and i had paid to sign up for one of the courses, i was about half way through the course when suddenly the website stopped working. can you advise me on how to resolve this problem.

  3. i started djing at 11, and got gigs around 13 (friends parties, stuff like that) im now 15 and play at clubs during teen nights, you can get gigs if you try hard enough

  4. Hi Mate, very interested in the "fast" course and was wondering, are the ten parts all available as soon as I am subscribed/paid or do I have to wait a certain amount of time between videos?

  5. Hey Phil im 15 going on 16. I want to get into djing but im not sure if i should go for the payed course because i dont want to spend the money and four weeks later i cant get a gig because im so young. So what would you do? because i have the time to wait since i have 2 years til im 18 and i can legally step into a club. So can you help me out?

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