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  1. I have done most of my collection in FLAC. Looks like Serato doesnt support them, but they are lossless! So I probably will create a new folder called DJ as organizing is the worse! I use TagNrename but its a full time job

  2. Makes me sad when I hear someone ask why use vinyl. Digital has its many benefits, indeed (portability, mainly), but I believe every DJ should know how to blend records manually (not to mention the warmth from analog, fun in finding a great vinyl record & so many more). It PAINS me to see the new generation so reliant on software without understanding the foundation of what it is to be a good DJ, technically speaking.

  3. It's a pity the music industry hasn't embraced FLAC with more enthusiasm. I rip to FLAC and then recompress as MP3 when I need the portability.

  4. To be honest, while you can clean up the resulting files to a certain extent, music ripped from vinyl or audio tape is never going to be as good a quality as buying digital downloads – you will otherwise also be recording all the hiss, pops and other noises (noise introduced by audio equipment you are using to get it into the computer, for example) these formats introduce, which is all noise that won't be present in "fresh" download. You can clean them up, but it takes yet more time and you can still lose quality in some ways.

    So, personally, I would buy downloaded versions where possible. The only times you may want to rip vinyl or tapes is where you can't find a digital version of a specific song or mix, or if it is one of your own mixes that's on a tape.

  5. Phil, I've been DJing a while, only in my house to myself and vinyl only. I'm trying to figure out the best way to record my sessions and burn them to cd to listen to in my car. I have no intention whatsoever of selling anything to anyone, this is just for me. Does the "Audacity" program you speak of have a function that will let me do that? If not, what avenue would you suggest? I've not seen all of your videos yet, perhaps you have one that covers this. Thank you for you time.

  6. I picked up an iDJ in a box set, from Craigslist, Numark turntables and an iM1 Mixer…along with a small iPod.  It was fairly cheap too.  I have been using the iM1 hooked into the home stereo, and I have a record player as well as another line input for CD player or audio out from the tv, etc…  I also use the other side of the mixer to input my controller's output.   I have started using this to get samples, and rip a few tracks… this is handy because I'll be able to get sounds from video games, tv shows, movies, records, and record my practice sessions…   just have to look into the quality of the "voice memos" it's recording, and if I'll be able to use them with something like Audacity…  I have downloaded that program but have yet to try to use it…  hope to record some scratch practice with it shortly….   Thanks so much for all you do, keep shining!

  7. If it's about ripping (instead of buying) and you want the highest quality, this is where I would consider ripping with dbpoweramp (PC only). It allows you to use FLAC (open audio format, uncmpressed, carries meta infomration and can be played on many devices, e.g. Traktor). Once ripped to Flac ypu can convert automatically to any other audio format without loss of quality or editing meta-data twice. I suggest to look at MediaMonkey, but there is also other Software around. Cheers.

  8. tell your dad you will do it for 50 cents a track. . .that way he is getting a deal. . and if he got as many records as my dad. .you will also make out with some loot. . LoL

  9. My dad wants me to rip all his vinyl to MP3. Like you said Phil, he doesn't realise it will take me all summer to do this. I've tried to explain the technicalities of why, but it falls on deaf ears. Bless him.

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