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  1. Thanks for the quick reply and seems to me that the DB2 is the best option for me due to its great hardware effects and traktor integration, unless there is any other mixer you could think of to point me in the right direction; the DB4 is out of my price range. I use Traktor have a modular set up, EDM, need strong effects, four channels and simple well made workflow that I would be able to midi map. A huge plus If I can midi map some of the controls.

  2. Currently I have an X1 an Akai 25 key midi controller and a Novation ZeRO that all use for djing and I come from a producing background. I have mapped all of my gear to work really well with traktor. But now I want to start doing something I could actually do in a club or at a big, Ive only played live at smaller parties. Im torn as to if I should buy a "real" mixer and use my x1 with something like the Xone Db2 or just buy an s4.

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