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  1. This is a really great system as spotify has the buy button next to each of these tracks and this really saves time when you have really enjoyed a tune enough to want to.buy it. And then boom! Straight to itunes. Boy! Wish I knew about this a lot earlier!

  2. im an old head, but i will definately check out spotify. . i been hearing younger friends talk about it. . so ima give it a go. .thanks. . peace. . the Eturn

  3. Another excellent tip. I love Spotify for previewing music – just about exactly the way you suggested. I can get it anywhere, so I can listen in my car (iphone), tablet (ipad -great for client meetings) and various computers. I even find it is helpful to have Spotify routed through my DJ audio system so I can get the full idea of how a track will sound on the "big system" prior to purchase. Thanks for the tips – excellent information as usual!

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