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Learn to DJ #25: How To Find The Time For DJing

Learn to DJ #25: How To Find The Time For DJingis a brief video to assist you to start to learn the way to DJ. With lessons, superior tutorials, technical movies, book articles and likewise 1 on 1 lessons for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn to DJ #25: How To Find The Time For DJing

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How to match the required time wanted to get good at digital DJing right into a busy life. Join the total course free of charge proper now at Our premium How To Digital DJ Quick On-line Video Course is right here:

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Learn to DJ #25: How To Find The Time For DJing

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  1. I do ALL my mixing through my headphones. I hardly ever use my KRK R5's. My house has walls thin as paper.The HD25's are the perfect headphones for this. They give you crisped and balanced sound. All my mixes have come out perfect! They are literally like having a pair of KRK R5's wrapped around your neck and my NOT exaggerating 🙂 To anyone who will be mainly practising with their headphones, PLEASE buy the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I highly recommend it! Your mixes will sound perfect and you will not be disappointed!  

  2. just wondering eventually im looking at a ipad alongside my laptop for djing. is the new traktor software for ipad as good as the djay software

  3. i was just about to type the same thing. . a dollar a track is great!. . i remember when seven dollars was a deal. . most were 10 dollars, and some promos and white labels were only one sided

  4. i love djay by algo, it's like your own personal dj make a playlist and put it on auto mix and hit the treadmill or play music for the party, and I click playall and listen to bp charts, while doing dishes.

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