Learn to DJ #32: How To Use Loops In Your DJing- djBJoRN.com

Learn to DJ #32: How To Use Loops In Your DJing

Learn to DJ #32: How To Use Loops In Your DJingis a tutorial video to help as you begin to find out how to be a DJ. With classes, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 lessons for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn to DJ #32: How To Use Loops In Your DJing

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Learn to DJ #32: How To Use Loops In Your DJing

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  1. Okay, thanks for your answer but what if there is only 1 xlr input and 1 output xlr per channel? That means that each channel is mono correct? I have a Rotel 5 channel preamp and Rotel 5 ch amp and a Behringer dual 31 band EQ that I would like to include in my system along with a Behringer EU2000 amp and 8 pa speakers oh and a active subwoofer!! The Rotel amp only has rca's I'm head scratching here! Any help is gratefully appreciated!!! Thanks…

  2. I am loving your tutorials the most! Mainly because you're so full of life while talking about the subject and more so full of knowledge. I'm loving the little bits of historical background behind every bit, no matter if it's in regards to technical stuff or something from your dj experience. What's more important, I always learn so much from your videos, thx for making them. I'm off to trying to make loops and using them in one of the 3 ways 🙂
    I sometimes ask my friends do they use loops and when, but I never got any replies exact replies mainly because as no one was actually using them.
    Then I was thinking where I would use it…the only idea that popped into my mind was to use it in the song when the break is really long, some songs have a minute or more long breaks (sorry if break is not the correct term, my friend calls breaks the points in the song when there isn't much going on, no baseline etc. – kind of like at the end of a tune that you mentioned in the video) / so in case I really like this song and I want to play it, 1 minute of nothing is no good, so I would make a loop and play it during this 1 minute long "break" mostly…and another idea was to use loops in order to prolong a really short song (I know I shouldn't be playing such songs at all…but in case I really like this song). This is/ was just theory as I've never actually tried it…who knows maybe it could be good? Do you think this could be done? I'm obviously a beginner 🙂
    I just subscribed to your newsletter or joined the tribe as it seems 😉 This is totally awesome as well, thx for existing lol! Finally something to keep me updated on stuff 🙂

  3. Something I have noticed in Serato DJ Intro… if you load a song, navigate near the end and make a loop, then use a hot cue or stutter button to go to a different point in the song… when it gets to the end it just automatically loops the section you had looped before… could work out to be handy… will the full Serato DJ do something like this?   From what I understand, it has more to it's looping section than Intro…  Thanks again for this series and the emails…  going back through all of these videos and hoping to have a better focus on my training, and practice for an upcoming 2 gigs….. had 1 this morning, good day!!!!!

  4. You could have easily given a practical demonstration in the time you spent talking, rule number one in teaching anything: demonstration combined with theory engages the viewer and helps the, learn much easier – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning.,

  5. I wish there were more vids like this that actually break it down for you with terminology and aspects of the turn tables and mixers for us new guys!!

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