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Learn to DJ #42: Make Your Own Re-edits

Learn to DJ #42: Make Your Own Re-editsis a on-line video to assist as you begin to learn the way to DJ. With classes, in style tutorials, movies, on-line articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn to DJ #42: Make Your Own Re-edits

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Learn to DJ #42: Make Your Own Re-edits

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  1. hey thanks for these videos, they are amazing. I also bought the payed-for course from your website, and that was great, these videos fill in the gaps really well. for the mashup i was wondering do you have to get the stems of a song (and if so, where do i get these?), or do you just have to chop up a complete song into bits (and if so, what's the best software for this, is Wavepad fine?)? also if i sign up do i have to wait 42 weeks to get this video and the stuff that comes with it? thanks

  2. nice to hear the promotion of mashup and yeah I agree mix tapes are old new.Even on youtube people aint hanging around long to listen.You can get a good end production quality from a mashup without needing huge production skills.Just good mixing skills.Have u done any videos on usb/midi mixer setups.I got my Rmx working after a huge struggle .But using traktor pro2 . might try Vdj7 again now i got asio drivers working correctly . But any vids u done on the subject would be greatly apreciated 🙂

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