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  1. Admittedly I've 'turned up late' to the party, but are there not copyright issues with b*stardising someone else's music by creating re-edits, mash-ups or whatever else you want to call them…?

  2. These videos, especially this one, have opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital djing and ways of getting noticed and setting yourself apart from the rest. Thanks Phil (:

  3. How do you go about getting the stems of original tracks if you cant get them from the original artist? Or is it literally a case of getting the original track and chopping it to pieces in Audacity etc?

  4. Click the "courses" on the website – that's where the in-depth, practical screencast-style stuff is. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  5. Far too much talking and no action in all of your videos…You can talk a good talk,,,but thats about it.Have you thought about actually doing some practical hands on tutorials….keep the punters happy!

  6. I totally agree: mixing, beatmatching is made a whole lot easier than back in the days thanks to the modern technology. So it DOES come down to being creative, and having your own remix, mashups, etc.

  7. hey thanks for these videos, they are amazing. I also bought the payed-for course from your website, and that was great, these videos fill in the gaps really well. for the mashup i was wondering do you have to get the stems of a song (and if so, where do i get these?), or do you just have to chop up a complete song into bits (and if so, what's the best software for this, is Wavepad fine?)? also if i sign up do i have to wait 42 weeks to get this video and the stuff that comes with it? thanks

  8. nice to hear the promotion of mashup and yeah I agree mix tapes are old new.Even on youtube people aint hanging around long to listen.You can get a good end production quality from a mashup without needing huge production skills.Just good mixing skills.Have u done any videos on usb/midi mixer setups.I got my Rmx working after a huge struggle .But using traktor pro2 . might try Vdj7 again now i got asio drivers working correctly . But any vids u done on the subject would be greatly apreciated 🙂

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