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Learn To DJ #48: Surviving Your First DJ Gig

Learn To DJ #48: Surviving Your First DJ Gigis a tutorial video to help you as you start to learn to DJ. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 courses for individuals residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Learn To DJ #48: Surviving Your First DJ Gig

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Learn To DJ #48: Surviving Your First DJ Gig

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  1. Lmfao My first gig is about to come around this December, never played at a Club but a Festival Accepted me for my music, estimating over 10k crowd.

    You have no idea how hard am trynna be stay confident.
    Loved your tips Phil, they're just real helpful!

  2. I haven't had my first gig I'm still in process of getting everything I have the speakers and the sound mixer I just need lights and a booth and I'll be set do you have an idea of what price range to set on your first up and coming

  3. Got my first gig in next Saturday at a house event and I was really worried but this video genuinely has really helped me settle my nerves. Go in well prepared and stay calm. Thank you !

  4. thanks so much for this video, you answered all of my concerns for my first live performance on Saturday. I have been a bedroom DJ for 4 years now, this is the next phase for me and as exciting as it is, its very scary. so thankyou this video really helped!! Kind regards, EMOTION1

  5. i still remember my first gig.valantines prom….man…..i bet barely anyone knows the songs i played and people were going crazy…….if i remember this was the tracklist.
    -recces-skrillex,kill the noise,fatman scoop
    -black horse-jumbo daddy
    -make a move-torro torro
    -cashville-torro torro
    -lean on-major lazor
    -bangarang vip-skrill
    -dirty vibe remix-dj snake and azzar
    -ragga bomb-skrillex
    -burial-skrillex remix g-buck edit
    -badman-skrillex remix
    -warm ups-virtual riot
    -bad royale-skrill,trollphace
    -kill everybody-skrill
    -rock and roll-skrill
    -collard green
    -work-asap rocky
    -mind-jack u
    -shave it remix-501 remix
    -bang bang theory x animals x the crowd-wiwek,martin garix,GTA
    -king of africa x jungle bae vip-jacku
    -internet friends x boomshakatak-knife. party,wiwek

    it was a gud first gig

  6. My first DJ experience(im a freshman in college): I volunteered for a college "After Dark Dance", there was events lined up for the night, and I was the last event.( have in mind the event took place on a Friday night(9:0012:00PM) in college. Also have in mind that the event was hosted by the school and was being monitored and checked on, naturally) That's cool or whatever, ig, but most kids at the school were out partying where they'd be able to drink. So I was able to DJ because the school tech team hooked  me up and were able to connect me with the built in sound system around the area of the dance floor. It went fairly well. I was able to borrow a couple strobe lights from a friend. They didn't light up the dance floor, but they did give a little lighting to my table set up. I started off with some energy by drake, played Runaway by Galantis, Kayne by the chainsmokers, some pitt bull, and even some Spanish songs: 6AM. by J Balvin and Farruko. in conclusion, ithought there was a pretty good size of people on the dance floor the whole time.     A couple of things I learned, get a lot music of different variety( old, new, classic, pop, rap, country, hip hop),  NEVER let the music stop, play what the people want, not what you like.(the majority of the crowd) don't let people hang around your wok area.

  7. I will do my first gig in few weeks. (School party but you know, you must begin somewhere, ther will be about 100 people or more I dont know) But i have a problem. I dont know with wich song should i begin the set 😛

  8. One of my biggest problems was (Im not really experienced, played 2 times on a school disco) that people often, very often actually ask for soooo many different tracks, some of them that i would even would want to play but i simply dont have them. You know i have tons of music and tunes but simply not everything. And having every single track out there is impossible. I never know what to do, saying them straight in their face aint feeling good though.

  9. What if my 1st couple gigs went well and i seem to be drifting off and not performing as well. Is that a sign of im losing my touch? Or is it just the crowds music preference?

  10. Nothing BEATS when your crowds start asking their local dance music to play,I was like WHAAAAT????ANd the IMPATIENT like play it now!But yeah first gig was Unforgettable.

  11. Just found out im DJing my classes prom,At least i have a lot of time to prepare. But its my first Gig and if i mess it up, its a prom and it wont go over well if i mess up a prom. Great Opportunity as a first gig tho.  

  12. I'm so frustrated right now because last night I had two gigs back to back. 1 gig was for middle school aged kids and there was only about 10 of them all girls and a table full of moms eating food. When I spoke to the mother in charge she told me that she wanted it to be a dance party. I asked the mom if the girls were allowed to invite their friends . I was told no so I was expecting only those middle school age girls and that's what happened. I made a folder full of top 40 and had a few remixes of the top 40 as well. I was expecting this to be a pretty easy gig. I know I had to play clean music but little did I know the girls were going to request artists like little Durk and Chief Keef and other very explicit artists and songs. Yes it is very easy to say that I was unprepared but honestly who would expect to play that type of music for middle aged school girls in front of all of their parents and that I not mention that we are really not on that side of town. I love that music I listen to it all the time by but I would never expected play that for that age group.
    The next gig was at a local bar which had really poor planning because nobody was there. There were only about 3 guys and about 3 girls. I knew right away at the amount of people that were there that this was going to be a chill just listen to any type of music kind of night. Two of the girls kept on coming up to me and asking me to play certain styles and genres of music but when I played those certain styles and genres of music they were still unhappy. For example the girls said can you play something that we can shake our ass 2. And so I'm thinking ok I'll play some Jersey club music as a matter of fact the girl said please some Jersey music. When I put on Jersey club style music the fast hip hop style music the girls look at me like what the hell was I playing then the girl came up to the booth and said "this is not Pauly D."

    We live in Chicago. I now know jersey shore has fucked the world!

    My head hurts now. Kill me.

    Now I'm not the type of person to make excuses on why the night was a failure or why the people were not dancing but I really was thinking that maybe people are not dancing because there really was no people there to dance along side with. I still feel like as a DJ I could have been able to make those 10 girls dance by themselves or those 6 people at the bar. What am i doing wrong if I'm doing anything wrong at all was it me and my music even though I have all the genres all the latest music and I was putting on the genres and styles that they were requesting or was the fact that nobody was at these events and it was just kind of a bad night??

    What do you guys think any input would surely be appreciated

  13. haha I remember my 1st one… was standing there and I very soon realized, I will not be able to sync those vinyls, I had no idea what I hear in headphones all of sudden… and the 1st track was closing to end, while 2nd was out of sync in my cue, with bad EQ and I knew disaster is comming. But the 1st track was really good, ppl were getting in heat very fast, noone noticed I face the ultimate disaster in next 1 minute 😀 Than I made some worst transition ever to some shitty track and I was kicked out hahaha, noone was interrested if my next mix will be better, I guess it had something to do with me turning pale and having the expression of facing death while my hands were shaking :D:D

    And this,repeated many times, I was young, and nervous… but I kept going on, thru the worst shaming situations, again and again… than, all off suden, I made a mix, that killed that place, everyone was going NUTS! The DJ that was supposed to go after me said I shall just continue and I went on and on, gaining confidence, trying more hard tricks, harder mixes etc, more "in the face" EQ tricks and I enjoyed that night so much I will never forget it 🙂 Since than, it was always ok

  14. Best tip for first gig: Record your mix night before, and play it on playback just to build your confidence in yourself and in your music choice… Sry for bad English 😉

  15. I know that you shouldn't do this but my first gig is coming up and should I do a prerecorded set, or do it live, I'm afraid that I might mess up during my mixing. Help

  16. Hi Digital DJ Tips. I am having my first DJ Gig at a Bar in Sweden. I understand what you mean by saying that people only care about that the music is still playing on. Now. Lets say i have a track that is about 90 bpm. I let it play, then when i switch to another song, Does it matter what bpm the new song has?? Can i have different BPMs on everytime? 

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