Be taught To DJ #50: Selling Your self On-line-

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  1. Thank you very much for this series. I watched all 50 videos in maybe one week, and it's great stuff. I just wonder would it make sense to still join after 4 years (and also already having seen all the videos now)? Oh well, why not. 😉

  2. Hi Phil, do you think I'm sensible promoting myself as a Tribal House DJ who specialises in  African music? Would that pigeon-hole me too much? Also Tribal House is not fashionable at the moment. Or should I just generally say that I am a House DJ, as the music is actually in that genre?

  3. Hi Phill, I would really like to thank you  for the great advice you gave me during these 50 videos, they were very usefull indeed. For the last 6 months I have taken the producer route and managed to produce a good remix on a famous youtube song, should I just upload it or what advice would you give me copyright-wise? Thanks in advanced!

  4. Also do not forget the importance of using hashtags. Personally when I upload a mix to mixcloud it gets automatically shared on facebook and twitter, but before that I add hashtags depending on the style of the actual mix like #housemusic  or #soulfulhouse . This way I am able to reach out to far more people who are looking for exactly that kind of music on the social sites, and as a result get more fans and subscribers. 

  5. Phil, thank you so much for all your time posting this series of vlogs. I started Mobile Dj ing in March this year and I`m loving it, but you covered some great stuff over these 50 videos. You talk a lot of sense and YOU GET TO THE POINT!! Without the need for silly hats… and stuff. Many thanks.

  6. Hey Phil, first thanks for all the help, every big DJ should help newcomers to promote themselves.
    I have my first gig in November, I practice since August, can't wait for it! Still a little nervous but I know I can make the crowd dance!
    Just a last question, I live in Luxembourg and here it's almost impossible to really become famous or a pro DJ. How could I manage to get Gigs in other Countries and big Metropoles. Like Brussels or Paris?
    Thanks a lot again and again.

  7. Your videos are very helpful(: thank you and I'm a young DJ and have only DeeJayed at my families parties and I love to DJ what advice can you give me to be able to DJ at other peoples parties? and for how much should i start the price at for a party? please reply!(:

  8. this 50 part course truly help me out…im still working on the dj name but everything else is spot on and wont be forgotten….thanks again

  9. Im 13 and I love your videos!!! They are really helpful because I bought a mixtrack pro 2 months ago and I use vdj. Im finally starting to get the the hang of it. Im considering buying a midi fighter do you think I should or do you think it will be useless because I use vdj. Also any other tips or suggestions of where i could get a gig because im only 13 almost 14. Plz reply:)

  10. i'm chuck norris and i approve this course 🙂 nah, i'm something of a sound engineer with no dj-ing experience, and all i can say is that every tip regarding the sound engineering part of things makes perfect sense. phil's knowledge there is solid.

  11. Thanks, Phil. I've really enjoyed this entire series, and I have certainly learned a lot. Your videos are always inspiring to a young dj such as myself. Thanks again!! ^_^

  12. Thanks a lot for the great tips and inspiration to make me want to learn more about DJ'ing. I have just started to learn, and you have made this more exciting for me to get into by putting your soul into it. And it inspires me and others to love DJ'ing, and helping us remember that it is for the love of music. You are really good at connecting with people, eventhough you talk to a camera. Feels like an interview with you, nicely done. Much respect to you with all your DJ knowledge and skills.

  13. Brian Reed said at BPM, throw a stone over your shoulder in the UK and you'll hit at least 3 DJ's!

    It's true, last thing we need to do is to educate jo public. There really is enough chancres out there already.

  14. Phil, much respect to you sir for doing these videos its been a long ride. Im a 16 year old dj and id just like to say all your videos were very helpfull ipicked up a lot of tips and techniques from you. Thankyou very much for these videos man.(:

  15. It's over already :O . I really loved the course Phil. It was really entertaining and educational and I definitely learned alot of lessons that will help me pull off my first large gig next year. I hope you continue to make more great vids !!! cheers 😀
    – Oliver

  16. Hat off to you Sir. Thank you for all your videos full of useful info, they really help me to stay focused on my new hobby (for now). Who know where it might takes me in a few month/years from now.

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