Study To DJ Tutorial: Utilizing Fast Stay Acapella Blends to Improve Your DJ Units (DJ Trayze)-

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  1. That set probably took a thousand years of knowledge ? theres so much going on all at the same time ? its like 3 blondes and 2 brunettes all talking at once and trying to understand the entire conversation ? thank fk its free to replay ?

  2. Dope this definitely answered a few of my questions, especially when listening to other dis and how they transition through instrumentals over an acapella so quickly

  3. The reason I find this hard to do is because a lot of acapellas don't start on the one. Any tips for remembering what beat you should drop acapellas on? I've started changing the cue name to like -2 or +2 or something if you gotta drop it 2 beats early or whatever. Eg on this example you drop the aca on the 2. Any way, it's deffo something which makes this whole thing more of a pain.

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