Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 4 of 4-

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Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 4 of 4

Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 4 of 4is a on-line video to help you discover ways to grasp the talents to grow to be a DJ. With lessons, superior tutorials, technical movies, articles and likewise 1 on 1 classes for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 4 of 4

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Part 4 of a 4 half collection educating you to make use of Ableton Live software program as half of a stay DJ’ing efficiency. If you happen to watch all 4 components to this collection, alongside with three or 4 different associated movies that I level out in these movies, you must have a complete understanding of all of the steps and processes which might be wanted to DJ utilizing the Ableton software program line.

This explicit video, half 4, covers laying out a venture/set in Ableton and mapping controls and audio routing to a chunk of skilled DJ gear, the Allen & Heath Xone 4D mixer.

That is half of the “Be taught To DJ” video collection by Jonathan Clark, who’s nicely-recognized within the business as DJ Bolivia. To see an entire checklist of different DJ-related tutorials by Jonathan Clark, or a number of different different collection of movies about Ableton & different DAW’s, DJ’ing, Audio Recording & Engineering, and Dance Music Manufacturing, go to the next hyperlink:

Sadly, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations should not seen to cellular viewers, solely to customers watching on desktop browsers. I take advantage of annotations fairly ceaselessly to put up clarifications and extra data through the video. For the most effective academic expertise, you would possibly favor to look at this video in a desktop browser fairly than on cellular, except YouTube ultimately fixes the cellular annotation deficiency.

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Live DJ Performances with Ableton – Part 4 of 4

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  1. watched all 4 videos. well detailed videos! thank you! 2 Questions….

    1. why does ableton start to redline on the mixer when you're routing out into your sound card but not if you're routing into the master channel of ableton? surely if the tracks are mastered and limited to 0db then they shouldn't be redlining when they're coming out into the sound card?

    2. I use a similar setup using my sound card to route out to 2 separate channels on the mixer so you can use the house mixer to do the Eqing instead of abletons eq3, but if you want to still use return tracks on ableton for delays/effects..ect do you route them back into each channel or straight out to the sound card? seem to come across a problem where the track will be playing in one channel but the effect will be coming out of the second channel? which can be a problem if the channel is turned down on the house mixer… anyone know a way around this? cheers.

  2. Very nice Demo, what about if I use Ableton with launch Controller + My Allen&Heat zone23 + Sound Interface to send invididual Audio A/B Deck – I guess its possible to use both together.

  3. Really helpfull video! Just a quick question: is it possible to launch a specific clip within ableton with a mapped midi button?

    Just so you don't have to use your mouse at all. For instance when you want to start a specific track.
    I own the xone 4D myself and am just starting to use ableton for djing purpose. Looks pretty powerfull!!

    Thanks in advance

  4. I recently picked up a 4D and your videos were really helpful.
    I'm up and running with Ableton and my 4D. Thank You.

    You think you will ever do a video on Ableton Push?

  5. Nice series of videos on DJing with Ableton Live! Thanks for posting these. You obviously put a lot of work into this. This is a great resource for other DJs.

  6. Thanks a lot for putting these series out! I found many answers to questions I've pondered with in your videos. I've got Live 9 Suite and Push, and I was thinking of how I could go from my current Denon MC6000 MK2 and VirtualDJ 8 to Live and Push. I quickly realized that I would need an additional MIDI controller to complete the Push's built-in features and be able to do live EQ mixing the way I did on the "classic" controller. I watched your videos and, I figured that I could try my very first Stanton SCS3m (my bittersweet memories!) as such MIDI controller. I'm going to try it out this weekend, and I'm really hoping it works. 🙂

  7. I gotta hand it to you, I have been DJing for years and producing with Ableton as well. I wish these videos would have been out when I started. Very informative videos. Good work mate.

  8. Thanks for this last part.
    The mix was a lot of fun.

    Quick question: Why do you often use the cue button for some seconds even when the associated channel is fully playing to the master output?

  9. Hey djbolivia, thank you so much for sharing your Jedi knowledge with us.

    Since I began DJying, I was more of a controllerist than a tradicional DJ – I believe that Ableton Live will give me the tools to align my DJ performances with my productions ideas… I feel like I'm going "next-level" while I learn to master these subjects.


  10. Hi  there  DJ  Bolivia!  We  got  contact  before, but  just  one Questions,  could  you  make  a Tutorial  for AKAI APC40.  It´s  onther  way  to set  the controller,  because  it  doe not  do  What  I  want. 

  11. +djbolivia Thanks a ton. Awesome Tutorials. Have been DJing on CDJs and Analogue Mixers for quite some time. Also been using Ableton live for casual practicing at Home. Impressed by ur tutorials. Great stuff. I am sure, u r gonna inspire lot of young kids to take up Digital DJing . Thank u so much. Keep up the great Work SIR.

  12. Yes. The only thing that I can remember as being significantly different is that they changed the way to warp when they updated to version 8. I know it only took me a few minutes to figure out the new way in 8 (and 9) but now it's so intuitive that I can't remember what was different about warping in 7. But it's still fairly similar.

  13. There is a way to have a fader turn on the beat repeat… then increase the rate of repeat as you move up. Midi learn the fader to "on/off"… then set the value from 0-5… then midi learn that same fader to the "rate" of the beat repeat… turn down "Chance" to zero… and then set the rate from 1/4-1/32. This is the best way to use a fader with a beat repeat. A lot of fun.

  14. aslo a very interesting look at the style u bring with ableton, but i have to say u made it a touch more difficult then it needs to be, i understand ur showing the limits of what can be done, but as basic as u were trying to make it in the beginning, the end is mudded up some

  15. Hm, that's an interesting question. I don't know if you can switch back and forth. I'm sure you can midi map controls simultaneously to their function as audio controls, but I doubt that the audio controls would be turned off underneath. That's a good question, it's something that I've never tried.

  16. I will try this with my djm 900. I hope I find a way to quickly switch from midi mode to normal mixer mode (in this way you could use the bass-mid-trebble rotary knobs as a midi tool as well as in their normal function when you play a cd next to an ableton song)

  17. The stations play my pre-recorded set. I travel for most of the year, so I only spend a few weeks each year near that station.

    I'm uploading a video right now showing the full recording of the live performance for tomorrow night's show. That should be visible on my YouTube channel in about four or five hours.

  18. The show is broadcast on the university station that I originally started producing it for (CHMA, 106.9FM, Sackville, NB, Canada) on Friday evenings at 9pm. But the show is also fed out to iTunes so there is global access.

    You can also download episodes from my SoundCloud page. The link to the SoundCloud page is in the text description under the video.

  19. Great Job on the videos!! Very informative.. I picked up an APC 40 about a year ago and just haven't had to much time yo use it but I will now. Keep up the good work.

  20. I think you'll really enjoy watching this week's radio show then 🙂
    I'm still editing that right now, but it should be online by Friday night.

  21. This has been such a fantastic tutorial series, I've learnt so many new tips and skills, that i'll have to go over these tutorials again to grasp it all. Thank you very much! Oh, and wow that DJing was very impressive 30 minutes in.

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