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  1. I dunno why but I am extremely limited in terms of plugins, but most importantly, I don't have the limiter in my list. Can you help me please?

  2. Great video, audacity is a powerful tool that's been around for many, many years. I use it alot. Instead of exporting and reimporting, you can just mix it down to a new track then delete the old one all within the project.

  3. The point of doing a live mix is to manage the levels to a competent degree during the mix.
    Post production just takes to much away from the live performance in terms of feeling, style and intended direction/journey the DJ had in mind.
    A live mix should have some volume discrepancies as long as they are not to noticeable to the average listener.
    I have never been a fan of all this post processing as I believe just a little bit more mixer sound level awareness to what you are playing is far more valuable to learn in the long term.

  4. Hello Mojaxx just would like some help on this, i currently use audacity to record my mixes and im using serato dj with my djm 900nxs (Club kit) and would like to know under the preference in aduacity and on the recording device I choose my djm900 is that better than the soundcard on the MBP or should i still get a seperate soundcard like a focusrite ? Also i noticed that when i have the djm as my recording device the levels on audacity is at -15, and for me to see an increase on the volume in audacity i have to turn up the gain alot in order to see the levels volume go up in audacity. Now ive checked my utilies for the djm900 and the usb output level is -19 is that ok or should i switch to -15, -10, or -5? And is that only affect the volume when recording or also affect the volume when in a live gig when using my djm900? Thanks for any response

  5. just use 3 compressors each barley making the needle move with a slow attack and a medium to quick release then use a final limiter to pull up the overall volume and help catch the peaks that the 3 compressors don't catch ! this always works for me . but this is a great video

  6. I have to try using audacity more, I'm constantly surprised at what it can do. Would you go about mastering a vinyl mix the same way? I usually play with the trim levels on my mixer to stay consistently at -5db throughout my mix. But when I see the wav in sound forge, there seems to still be quite a bit of disparity between tracks. Sometimes I find it easier to run my mixes through platinum notes. Any advice? Thanks again for these great vids! Picked up abelton live standard a couple of months ago, I'm still very new to it. Can't wait to see your next video

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