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  1. Hi Brian, I am shopping for new speakers and I'm considering EV, RCF or FBT's. I need to stay around the $600 per speaker price range for my budget. I typically do weddings around 100-300 people. I have been using Mackie SRM450's for years and have had great success with them. It's time to upgrade now. What speaker would you recommend? Thanks!

  2. Brian,

    Do you know if the art708mk2 (8" top) can be used used as a floor wedge monitor? Looks like you can with the 408.

    Also, with the lack of crossover in the RCF tops do you notice any negative sonic impact pairing it with a non RCF Sub?

    I'm leaning towards the HD32-a for my main tops and the 708mk2 for ceremony/cocktail system/ as a monitor and smaller gigs. Was also planning QSC kw181 for main subs and the zxa1 for the small system but the lack of xover in RCF tops kind of throws a monkey wrench in that.


  3. Turn it down then. The dispersion and horn throw should still be right if you set it up right. And the issue with the bass you experienced will have been cancellation in the room. if you described the sound as punchier as it's a smaller sub, you'd of been right.

  4. Brian, I have been using the Peavey Escort 2000 with single 18 inch Peavey sub-woofer for years.   I know most think you need a big system but never have I been asked to turn up the music at any event.  So, the big speakers are overkill.  The second part is be mobile and with Peavey I can loaded up all my lights and truss in my Toyota Van and get in and out of the event without hauling a lot of stuff.   I just purchased a second Peavey 3000 for outdoor events since I can't be at 2 places at one time with my equipment.  So, I can pack this up and get the reception where my set up is already up.  So, just my thoughts!!! 

  5. hi brian , ,, i was considering adding on a sub maybe a elx118p  for that extra bass with my two EVzlz15ps ,, ,,, seeing this vid , im not sure now why I went in for the 15s , maybe the 12p would be ok.. but shuld I add a 18" sub or a 15 or a 12" like the zxa1 ? I just started off and though here in Goa (india) corporate events take place indoors , the weddings are outdoors as well as restaurants that have pool parties … would like your opinion .. thanks

  6. With most, if not virtually all weddings being under 200 guests these days I recommend a pair of 10" speakers and 1 subwoofer.  I use Altos. A pair of 10" with a 12" sub.  I find that they produce a much clearer sound than most speakers that are more expensive.  It beats carrying my passive JBL JRX115 15" 61 lb speakers around! However, I still think my JBL JRXs sound fantastic even for being near 10 years old. No need for 2 large subs and 2 large speakers for a normal wedding these days. 

  7. This was a good video for me to see. When I first started DJ'n I didn't have anyone to teach me these "tricks of the trade" I guess is the best way to put it. I always worried about how everything sounded and looked. Through trial and error I figured it out, but now seeing your video Brian I feel great knowing that I've been doing it right all this time. Now I got to figure out my ADJ myDMX 2.0 out all the way and I'll be good.

  8. When speaker are on a speaker stand what do you recommend as a good rule of thumb as to what height it should be set at? I have seen another video where one says opposite what you say. to raise high so sound is louder toward the back of the floor. But i would have to agree with you, people who wish to chat are back there.

  9. Well, as long as my stereo sounds good -inside- my room I guess… The street ain't important.

    This was really interesting for an audiofreak like me, thanks 🙂

  10. Great review. I have two peaveys speakers that are 600 watts a piece but there the oldschool wood cabinets that I had for years and still kicking. Im looking for a compact setup because the older you get the speakers start to be heavy,lol. Especially when you can get help. its great to investigate a great setup with good bass.

  11. That was a very informative video. I was looking to upgrade speakers because I was always under the impression that flamethrowers should should be used to light candles. I'm now in the market for a sub so I'll definitely check out what you've found to work for you. Thanks B-redd

  12. EV has a speaker to match there sub look at that also.
    I myself may go with the EV mini setup because most of the gigs
    I have now say its a little loud and people can't talk. Of coarse with a younger crowd they want louder and more base so what ever works best for you.

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