My new Toy: Traktor Kontrol S2-

My new Toy: Traktor Kontrol S2

My new Toy: Traktor Kontrol S2is a brief video to assist as you learn to be a DJ. With ebooks, wonderful tutorials, on-line movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classroom classes for folks residing in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
My new Toy: Traktor Kontrol S2

video description
I am studying the way to dj so I purchased this controller for my laptop computer.

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My new Toy: Traktor Kontrol S2

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  1. Hey i'm looking into getting the s2 very soon. Just a quick couple of questions, how was the installation and setup for the s2 on your macbook pro? was it simple and easy or was it a bit complicated and you had slight problems? I also use a macbook pro and I researched over the internet that people were having installation and setup problems, but thats just what i've seen.


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