New dj? How to construct a set, select toons at random!-

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  1. I just got my decks not too long ago. great method for finding stuff that works- just pull it out at random and see if they blend!

  2. I've been watching your videos for a while and now I'm going through the archives. My first mixing was just messing around exactly like this and I'm glad to hear I started off right.

  3. what's the question? it's very unlikely that he'll reply, considering how many videos he has and how many comments he gets.

  4. i got a question for you….

    you know somtimes where the dj got a song playin perfectly….and then when the dj needs to change the song from one to the other….while playing the old song he adds a small famous melody/tune/lyrics in that particular new song into the old song before switching completly into the new song…..if you get what i mean

    thanks πŸ™‚

  5. holy mother of hell, dude you have no idea how awesome you are jon
    just amazing advice in every video.

    this one particularly. i think ppl like me that are having trouble are probably trying to hard with just 2 tracks and not willing to take a chill and "JUST MESS ABOUT" with different tunes

  6. @FNAdryan On most 4 channel mixers you assign what channel you want to have on each side of the crossfader. And you can also turn it off. On 2 channel mixers this can also be an option, but on my mixer its not an option tho.

  7. ive just got myself a starter-set of dj equipment and was crazy messing around with what tunes should i use for my set until i didnt even touch my equipments haha.
    This video helps me a lot and now im gonna having a hard time practice !!
    Thank you so much for sharing these kind of tips.

  8. @Splurgeyourheadoff i did, i played around, i saw what rhythms to match, etc, i made a few techno, dubstep, boogie, rap, and all together mixes and scracthing effects,switch songs etc.
    BUT im not very happy about scratching. i did get a few things how to do it, but the scratching with mouse, not so, I'm lookin' for the next level thing.what else could i do to improve?

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