Logo Ideas for a New Vancouver After hours

Vancouver’s Newest After Hours…. GrOuNd ZeRo

if you are on a cell phone, simply swipe right and left to view images


Here are a few logos I threw together last night and today.

Hopefully one of them is gonna make you go wow.. let me know as soon as you can so I can use the logo when setting up the Facebook event page.

That message was for someone specific, …. now for the rest of you….

Leave a comment below letting me know which logo you like the best…. or maybe even tell me which ones are your top 3 Vancouver After Hours logos for the new GrOuNd ZeRo

One comment

  1. Those are some really nice designs you should consider being a designer if this whole DJ thing doesn’t work out. Those are some really nice designs comma I especially like the one with the atomic bomb exploding in the background and.

    I had no idea you had such artistic skills, my friend.

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