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  1. if you use a chunky soundcard and can't fit both USB next to each other use a USB lead extension the mixer is great I bought one and didn't forget it!!!! £40

  2. My two USB ports are next to each other, so I don't think I can slot them both in there as the USB soundcard is chunky. Any suggestions?

  3. I have the same one. What do i enter for the serial number? I tried the number on the back but it doesnt work exactly

  4. Just watched this and am wondering would it be suitable for an 8 year old for Christmas.  He has interest in music but wouldn't have used anything like this before, is it easy to learn, sorry haven't a clue ! Finding it hard to get kiddy style decks that would work with laptop.

    Numark DJ2Go ($45), Korg nanoKontrol2 ($41-45) Deckadance 2 [software] ($79). In Deckadance you can route any knob to ANY software parameter! This means that you can have the DJ2Go for all the deck and cue controls, and the nanoKontrol for anything else (effects, EQ, etc…). you can even upgrade your controller(s) later and they will still be compatible. VirtualDJ only works with the controller it comes with. (because they want you to buy the full version for $300)

  6. DUDE! i need help 'cause i lost my serial number, i feel stupid you know 'cause i bought it last year and i was so excited with this, but now i've installed Windos 8 and i want to reinstall Dj2go, but i lost the serial number that allow the access to the program, so i ask you if you can give me the serial number of your product Please?

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