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  1. Hey man, your a trini oh wa? lol oh you just like trini soca music, good vid man. i too have a ns6 lov it bad, big up to you and soca music.

  2. Quel joueur utilisez-vous? Je n'ai rien mapp … il fonctionnera automatiquement. je viens de télécharger serato dj redémarrez l'ordinateur et prospérer jouer

  3. hello Dj langsex..!! had you mapped your NS6. i'm french and i can use serato sampler with keyboard . i have some shortcuts can't use with serato dj.
    i need many help please

  4. well before i use to make sure my CAPLOCKS are on and i use Z X C V B N for sample. is that what u talkign about?… but for some reason with Serato DJ i dont even put my CAPS on

  5. i know how to load the samples to the sample bank and trigger then from the bank.. but i will like to know how to trigger them using my keyboard.

  6. LOL someone dislike my video…. Thanks for being real though, but guess what…. You Looked at my Video also… So give thanks.. Pree you buddy

  7. Well as most DJ properbly doing.. on your laptop u create a folder call Samplers and put your hot samplers in it. … the reason why if its in your Hard Drive every time you come to play you got to put it all over again. so to save a 2 minutes loading you create a folder on ur drsktop…. Then you open the sample bank on serato DJ or Itch and u Drag it to the sample bank you want it…. if u dont understand then will make a video just to show you….

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