Online DJ Resources for 2017

Online DJ Resources for 2017

Online DJ ResourcesEven though we are well into 2017, I never got to post my top online dj resources for 2017 yet, so here goes.

The first dj resource for 2017 I have recently discovered is a music site for DJs to download music.

Its just a basic mp3 search engine, but this one pretty much has every song in MP3 format, you have ever heard.

Not all, but approximately 90% of all the mp3s I have downloaded from this DJ resources site have been in 320kbps quality.

Online DJ Resources presents : 320kbps Quality Free MP3 Downloads

As most of you Vancouver DJs out there know, 320kbps is absolutely crucial when played mp3s at a venue.

Anything lower than 320 kbps sounds absolutely terrible when played on top brand name audio equipment.

The name of this incredible DJ resources is none other than :

Simply type in an artists name in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon and there you go .

I find that this site somehow has access to pretty much every single mp3 songs, single and album I could ever imagine.


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