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  1. Hey ! AWESOME video & thank you very much.
    I use WINDOWS unfortunately, any solutions to Append To Selected Tag Script I could use?
    Mucho Gracias

  2. awesome video! quick question … I recently bought a new mac book strictly for Serato DJ [sad that I can't use SSL 🙁 ] and I want to start importing all music from scratch to start fresh. How do you recommend would be best to import and keep files organized? .. should I go full blown I-tunes and have the files copy into I tunes? or stick with files? …. I wanna start fresh and correctly. Your insight is appreciated! thanks dude

  3. hi! I just had to log in and drop a big thank you for sharing very clear and to the point tips for prepping and organizing tracks. seemed so overwhelming at first but you made it truly a breeze to do. much love from the bay! take care

  4. I like the coding system. Reorganized my whole library according to this methodology and I realized in that way that it makes absolutely sense to use iTunes as a basis for my music library organization. I reactivated in serato the link to my itunes library.

    The big advantage is that you are undipendent from any DJ software you use cause all of them link with itunes. So I create my standard-lists in iTunes and only have to create my Gig-crates in Serato.

  5. After downloading your music, let's say into your downloads folder, then dragging/dropping it into your iTunes "ALL" folder, iTunes will make a copy of that file, do you then delete the original file from the downloads folder to avoid duplication? 2nd question, how are you backing up all of your DJ music? Thanks

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