Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video-

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Videois a video to help as you learn to be a DJ. With ebooks, superior tutorials, movies, articles and in addition 1 on 1 personal classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

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Pioneer DJ Interface 2 Talkthrough Video

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  1. Hi Joey, How do you do man ? I saw your reviews on YouTube and I need your help please, I wasn't a Mobile DJ as they call it now but now I must to become a mobile DJ because i moved to another country and I need to continue my career here and I bought the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB to check it on and now I need to change it and buy a new controller for home use and outside use also but I don't know which controller to buy really the DDJ-RX with (Rekordbox DJ) or The DDJ-SX2 (Serato DJ)…??
    Can you tell me please with your experiences which one I can buy now !!
    Waiting for your reply..

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