Pioneer XDJ-RX + Odyssey Black Label Flight Case


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Product Description for Pioneer XDJ-RX and ODY-FZPIXDJRXBL Package Includes: 1 x Pioneer XDJ-RX 1 x ODY-FZPIXDJRXBL Pioneer XDJ-RX The XDJ-RX, is a DJ console that incorporates two separate digital players, a mixer, and a built-in monitor. The uniquely designed DJ system is intended for users of the popular Pioneer rekordbox music management software, which enables DJs to quickly play prepared music stored on a USB device, eliminating the need to connect or carry a separate computer for use as a music source. The XDJ-RX's featured 7-inch LCD screen provides a window of information including simultaneous display of music waveforms from each integrated player. The unit also emulates Pioneer's well-known professional players with built-in key performance functions including HOT CUE, BEAT EFFECTS, SOUND COLOR FX and a new LOOP SLICE feature. The XDJ-RX features a high-resolution 7-inch LCD color monitor located on the top center of the console to display an array of music information. Browse Screen : Displays music information stored on a connected USB device by playlist, artist, album, track, history and folder. Wave and Wave Zoom : During music playback, the entire waveform of the music from each deck can be viewed simultaneously on the screen. Users can also change the resolution of the waveforms with a turn of the rotary knob, providing five levels of Wave Zoom to show the details of the music transitions. Beat Count : Accurately displays the number of beats until a set point. Performance Functions The XDJ-RX follows a similar layout as Pioneer's flagship models and offers similar functions and operability. Beat Sync : The feature let users instantly match tempo and beat location of songs.


  • Multi-source DJ system USB/PC Link/MIDI/Analog Inputs
  • High resolution 7-inch LCD color display with dual waveforms
  • Playable Media : iPhone / iPod touch, Android phone (from April 2015), USB storage devices (flash memory / HDD / etc), Computers (Mac / Windows PC)
  • iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th Gen). Requires iOS 7, iOS 6, or iOS 5.
  • Reverse Lid, Shallow Bottom, Extremely Low Profile Design


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