Vestax Vci-300mk2 Dj Controller with Serato Itch


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In 2008, the VCI-300+ITCH was the beginning for Vestax and Serato to create a new DJ console of the next generation. The goal was clear. To design a light weight and compact digital DJ instrument with the touch of analog control. Preserving the concept of the VCI-300+ITCH, the VCI-300MKII comes with usability improvements based on feedback from VCI-300 customers. Vestax has considered every comment that has been received, and have put them all in act. Simply to give DJs what they want.


  • The VCI-300MKII can control more than 90 parameters and functions of the included Serato software with high resolution MIDI signals sent via USB.
  • The built-in audio interface carries a Audio Codec IC with superb audio characteristic, generated by a delta-sigma modulation 24 bit stereo D/A-A/D converter.
  • A 12 level LED L/R indicator is set in the center of the top panel to monitor sound levels
  • Audio files in the software library can be easily selected and controlled with the CRATES / FILES / BROWSE key and the cursor switch inherited from the VCM-100.
  • The fader curve of each fader can be adjusted to the preferred characteristics for long mixes, scratching and any other style.


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