Yorkville LS801 18″ 1500W Active Subwoofer Elite Black Paint


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The LS801P combines a cast-frame 18" bass driver with a rear-loaded bass horn enclosure made from 15mm birch-ply covered in rugged black carpeting. Now add 2,500 watts of onboard peak power featuring full-time "invisible" limiting. The result - a rugged, high-powered "earth mover." Balanced XLR inputs are included, along with 1/4" TRS inputs which, at the push of a button, can handle either line-level or speaker-level signals (you can simply connect it to any full-range speaker for quick and easy setups).Connections also include both XLRM and 1/4" Output Link jacks for interconnecting up to 10 LS801P's in larger concert systems. An additional XLR 'Mono Blend Input' allows the LS801P to function in a stereo system by blending the balanced L and R signals from a stereo mixer and creating a single in-phase mono signal.The control panel features a +/- 12dB Level pot for matching the LS801P's output with the rest of the system, a tunable 90 to 150Hz HF Roll off pot to let you match the LS801P to any full-range enclosure without an electronic crossover, a unique Shape control that modifies the bass response, a Line/Speaker Input Level button and LED's to indicate Power, Limit and Clip.Hardware includes four steel inset handles, a steel top-mounted pole-stand adapter, a heavy-gauge curved steel grill and tilt-back wheels.Choose

  • Integrated 2,500-watt amplifier (Peak - 1,500-watts program)18" wooferMax SPL 140 dB peak (134 dB continuous)45Hz - 150Hz with adjustable HF roll-off45Hz - 90Hz variable boost frequencyParalleled XLR and 1/4" selectable line or speaker level inputsExcursion, peak and thermal woofer protectionIntegrated all-metal speaker pole mount adaptorSolid 5/8" (15mm) birch plywood constructionMade in Canada


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