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high school prom djs
high school prom djs

High school prom coming up and your students have put in a good year and you think they deserve to let loose and unwind. We have DJed for so many high school dances that some of the students from our past events have started emailing us a weekly list of the latest songs that they are listening to. This means our music library if filled with 1000’s of songs we know will be enjoyed by high school students attending their much anticipated high school prom dance.

Experienced high school prom djs

Our high school dance djs love to play the latest and greatest electronic dance music artist that only young kids have heard of, which seems to encourage high school children to relax and enjoy themselves. All of our high school dance djs have had some kind of conflict resolution training before we allowed them to perform in an environment where it would be possible for some people be unaware of their impact on their younger siblings. We try to train our djs how to interact with young audience members as if they were their older brother or sister and to be positive role models.

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Hiring dj BJoRN and his crew of 3 more high school dance djs will create an evening so special for all your students that they will still be talking about it well into next school year. Let’s give them something to talk about.

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Our top prom djs will come to your school almost anywhere within BC, including:

high school prom dj services