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prom dj servicesIs your school having a dance ? Are you sure the prom dj you hired will know what type of music the students will enjoy the most ? Does your prom dj keep up with the latest EDM, Trap, Dubstep, Glitch, Drum and Bass, Tech house, Deep house, Nu Disco, Big Room, Progressive and electro ? Our DJs play festivals and concerts with up and coming artists, and many of our past student dance attendees, send us monthly updates on what’s hot and hat’s not.

The Best Prom DJ in Vancouver

Chances are, that’s who you would want… if you google vancouver trap dj, vancouver dubstep dj, vancouver edm dj…. djbjorn is usually in the top 5. I listen to all the latest music and add it to my library as I like to document the evolution of music and share it with other EDM djs in Vancouver. I am a member of many different music communities which allows me to hear of any new emerging artists.

Prom DJ near Vancouver

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Proms aren’t the only events we can dj, we are also available for :

  • dry grad dances
  • halloween dances
  • valentine’s day dances
  • homecoming dances
  • sports event
  • fundraisers

Other Services we Offer In Other CIties

  • Vancouver prom dj
  • Surrey prom dj
  • Burnaby prom dj
  • Richmond prom dj
  • New Westminster prom dj
  • Victoria prom dj
  • Kelowna prom dj
  • Kamloops prom dj
  • Abbotsford prom dj
  • Langley prom dj
  • Maple Ridge prom dj
  • Chilliwack prom dj
  • North Vancouver prom dj
  • West Vancouver prom dj
  • Whistler prom dj
  • Coquitlam prom dj
  • Port Coquitlam prom dj
  • Port Moody prom dj
  • White Rock prom dj
  • Vancouver grad dj
  • Surrey grad dj
  • Burnaby grad dj
  • Richmond grad dj
  • New Westminster grad dj
  • Victoria grad dj
  • Kelowna grad dj
  • Kamloops grad dj
  • Abbotsford grad dj
  • Langley grad dj
  • Maple Ridge grad dj
  • Chilliwack grad dj
  • North Vancouver grad dj
  • West Vancouver grad dj
  • Whistler grad dj
  • Coquitlam grad dj
  • Port Coquitlam grad dj
  • Port Moody grad dj
  • White Rock grad dj

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