Grad DJ in Vancouver Available

Grad DJ in Vancouver Services Available from djBJoRN.

high school prom djAs the end of the school year comes, many schools are starting to scramble to make sure everything is on point for either their Prom dance or Graduation.

Finding the right prom dj is crucial as many of your fellow peers may or may not be pleased at your selection. djBJoRN is available to dj your high school dance over the next few weeks. Know someone looking for a prom dj ? Send them my way.

Know someone about to graduate in or near Vancouver ? Find out if they have a prom DJ and if not…. maybe make a suggestion ? lol 😉

I command you all to go forth and find me some Vancouver Prom and Grad DJ gigs as they are a great way to get introduced to certain school faculty members that may be the ones giving you a call next year for the same event based on how well you perform at this event.


Sculpted perfectly by the people in hollywood, immense pressure is put on a students high school prom as supposedly being this magical night where they will find the boy/girl of their dreams and the night will be a magical rollercoaster of emotions.

Sadly, it has been my experience that reality is not as perfect as fantasy.

I will spare you the details of the events from my high school prom, however I can offer my vast knowledge and experience on the matter to help you mold your high school prom into the event talked about for years to come

High school graduations are a true emotional rollercoaster ride. One the one hand you are finally an adult. You no longer HAVE to go to school… from this moment forward, going to school is a choice… but….on the other hand… this is the last time you will ever be with these friends/classmates/school mates possibly ever again.

That is a sad reality for many. So why not make this final night with your friends the funnest night ever ?

Let me help you make your high school graduation dance stupendous. We’ll provide music, audio equipment, lighting, lasers and smoke machines to make your school turn into the best nightclub in the world……. for high school grads, that is…lol


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