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  1. @thudrumble
    why would you put a twist on any of that though? I was a big fan till i saw these symbols..I hope Im wrong though. As much as I like turntablin', I cannot support symbols and stuff. Standing for good and righteousness is more important. down wtih the nwo! freemasonry, and total global enslavment! Satan will not win in the end, the Lord Jesus will. Pick your side people!
    k have a nice day 🙂

  2. @naydo it's a twist on freemasonry… notice the top with the all seeing eye triangle is upside down, the hand is right instead of left (for giving and healing), the leaves and bricks are 15 meaning humility and learning, the 7 stands for creativity. we even put turntables and a mixer in the castle. and there's even an "ohm" symbol on the top left. for damn sure ain't no freemasons, new world order or illuminatti here!

  3. HaHa Pimppitty P !!! Can`t hold myself back : Zürich Switzerland is full of Pimppitty P`s . Everybody here is on FACEPAGE .

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