Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding music, whether you choose to hire a DJ or band, will be a major part of your wedding reception. Not only will the music set the tone and atmosphere you’re hoping for, but the wedding DJ or bandleader will also be instrumental to keep the evening’s events flowing smoothly from one moment to the next. The best DJs and bands are booked well in advance, so be sure to act quickly in booking yours. To help you out, we’ve assembled this list of questions that will help you evaluate a DJ, band, or other entertainer. Also, remember that in some cases, you may be dealing with an entertainment agency or other representative working on behalf of the performer(s).

Tip: We recommend printing out this list of questions and bringing it with you when you interview your wedding dj.

We have also added our answers to each question.

The Basics + Background Information

• Is my wedding date available?
*please provide wedding date*

• How long have you been in business?
*have been djing weddings since 2000, but only started this company in 2010*

• How long have you been performing together (if you’re interviewing a band)?
*I have been running this company with 2 other wedding djs for almost 7 years *

• How many weddings have you done? How many weddings do you do in an average month?
*100’s and I personally did 3 last month*

• Do you perform at more than one event in a day?

• Will you be the DJ/bandleader at our wedding?
*If I am available*

• Have you done events at my wedding venue before?
*Please provide venue details*

• What sets you apart from your competition?
*All our DJs are also local resident DJs and we all do this because we love the wedding atmosphere. The emotions, the excitement, the love, families, friends. I prefer this work environment MUCH more then a downtown nightclub*

• Are there any other services that you provide, such as lighting design or a photobooth?
*Of course. Lighting, smoke machines, lasers, video walls, photobooths, costumes and anything else you can dream up. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.*

The Music

• Do you have a CD of your music or a video from a prior wedding where you performed?
*Yes I do. I also have several DJ sets on our website as well as videos on Youtube*

• Can you assist me in choosing the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?
*Of course.*

• How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?
*Gigantic. Last count was over 100,000 songs. We have every musical genre including older love songs, top 40, rock and roll, pop, dance, house, disco, reggae, opera, techno, EDM, Jazz, Blues, Alternative, Christian, Club, Classical, Breakbeats, Country, HipHop, Funk, Techno… everything*

• How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?
*Every wedding any of our DJs do, we save and trade all the requests we get. Then, back at the office, we purchase all other songs by whichever artists were requested.*

• Are we guaranteed to have the perfomer(s) of our choice at our event?
*please provide date of your event*

• If the DJ or one of the band members scheduled for my event is unable to perform for some reason, do you have a backup replacement ready to go?
*Yes.There are 3 of us*

• Do you take any breaks? What music will be provided during the breaks?
*Very brief breaks. We have premixed 10 minute megamix songs of wedding favorites for breaks. Like Elvis Presley, Abba, Grease Soundtrack. *

• How many band members will perform that day?
*Just one*

• Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?
*Yes we do*

• How would you define your “style” when making announcements?
*My “style”, I guess could be called 70’s disco radio DJ. Update, humourous and interactive*

• What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?
*First, I’d play a sing along song that everyone should know the words to. Then I’d try a contest or game. And of course, I’d dance myself. We usually bring some simple disguises which work wonders. Hates, sunglasses, neckties, bow ties, things like that.*

• Do you take requests from our guests?
*Yes we do and we will play almost every single one*

• Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?
*Of course*

Pricing and Payment:

• What is included in the cost of my event?
*Our basic package includes: a wedding DJ for approx 4 hours. Turntables and music library, 2 large PA speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 microphones*

• Does this include setup and breakdown between ceremony and reception locations?

• How much would you charge for overtime?
*Overtime prices are negotiable but usually they are around $150 an hour*

• Are there any additional fees that could accrue that I am not taking into account, like travel expenses or charges for special musical requests?
*No. Only extra fees would be for add ons. Add ons are extras like smoke machine, video wall, bubble machine, photobooth etc*

• When will I receive a written contract?
*As soon as the date has been agreed upon and is available for us*

• How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?
*Deposit is 50% of the total price and is required to save the date. The remainder is due 1 week prior to the event*

• What is your refund/cancellation policy?
*Deposits are non refundable for cancelations as we have to turn down new business the moment we save the date. The remainder of the balance is refundable*

• How far in advance do I need to book you?
*The sooner the better.*

• What information do you need from me before the wedding day?
*Your requests. Your no play list. The number of people attending. The venue name and location. A list of all the add ons you would like.*

• Are you insured?


• Can you provide wireless mics for the ceremony?

• Does any of your equipment require special electrical outlets that I need to inform my wedding site about?

• Do you bring backup equipment?

• Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?
*Yes we do*

• How much time will you need for setup, sound check and breakdown on the day of the event?
*1 hour set up/sound check and 1 hour breakdown*

• What time will you arrive at the site?
*1 – 2 hours prior to event start time*

• Will we meet again before the wedding?
*If necessary*

• When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?
*At least 2 weeks prior to the event*

• What will you wear to our wedding?
*Business casual attire.*

• Do you (and each band member, if you’re booking a band) require a meal?
*Would be greatly appreciated*

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