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  1. On CDJ's you dont have to do that actually. You can just use the jogwheel to check if the tune is slower or faster. Move it clockwise and counterclockwise if its slower or faster. Then just increase or decrease the pitch accordingly. The first beatmatch was actually terrible since you didnt let the tunes play for even two seconds before you already called them matched 😀 You should let it play for atleast 30 seconds to know if its matched properly. Tho you can and should always correct it during the mix if you dont have enough time to do a 100% match forehand. Pretty nice tip anyway tho.

  2. Makes me laugh when DJ's get all arsey about using the 'sync button' it's practically the same fucking thing. DJing isn't an art, if you can count and press buttons in time you can DJ (Obviously you can add all the effects, and fancy shit after that). If you really want to show some skill then try PRODUCING the music you're playing. If you're DJing it doesn't matter how you're doing it, as long as whatever coming out of the speakers sounds good and you don't fuck up the songs you're playing then who cares. If the crowd likes it – that's all that matters

  3. Come on, you guys are talking about different stuff. One thing is being a crowd pleaser, the other is being a very good technical DJ. If you are both, amazing. But there are a lot of very good technical DJ's that fail many times to know what the dance floor is asking. Especially if you play for people who don't give a shit about what are you using, or if you are cheating, they just want to enjoy!

  4. Any good DJ would know roughly what BPM's the tracks he is playing give or take 5 BPM's, so there would be know point to pull the Pitch Slider all the way full and then slide it up to try and match the beats.
    This is called years of practice and knowing your songs. specially when you only have a 2 hour set and want to mix as many tracks as you can without wasting time trying to find the right speed

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