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  1. Do more DJM effect vids please! Some in-depth vid about the beat effects on the DJM-900 NXS2 for instance. That's a well rounded mixer with all of the beat fx in them. All lower end mixers from Pioneer have parts of those fx on them.

  2. I'm about 2 years late on this comment so I'm sure many of you watching know this, but I've also discovered that if you apply the delay level depth to about 1 o'clock, you can also use the up fader in the same motion as you would if you were doing a post-fader echo out. It would be an up down motion with the fader. It sounds pretty much identical. Seems like the post-fader also applies to the delay. However, I'm not sure if that's possible with the post-cross fader. Hope that made sense.

  3. Hi…. I've just bought a DJM-700 and was experimenting with this roll feature. I'm confused!!! After creating a 8/1 roll sample, when i assign the roll back to a channel, i cannot use the 3 band equaliser on that roll sample! I would really like to create a loop and be able to use the 3 band equaliser on it. Am i doing something wrong? I hope you can reply to my question, it will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Andy

  4. Quick question: I've got a ddj sz, are the effects post fader on this thing?? It doesn't seem to work for me! Thanks in advance. Great vids btw, I really enjoy them!!

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