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  1. congratulations! You have to keep saved the data to use in other pen drives, without the need to analyze again. Thank you.

  2. This is sandeep here.i had sorted my tracks in record box by BPM and tried to export to my hard disk,how ever the tracks were not copied the way i had sorted. In my hard disk it came like a main folder " Content" and inside each songs were in individual folders with artist name as folder name . All the songs of a common Artist i is sitting in a common folder and its not displaying folders sorted as per BPM. Can you pls help me to sort this issue out

  3. Hy my WD 1TB hard disk is not detected in record box-2 ,also whn i export into my pendrive,i am geeting each tracks each in different folders and not sorted as per BPM how i did in record box

  4. Hi thanks for the tips but I have a question, is there any way you can change the original bpm of a track in rekordbox so that when you import it onto your usb and into your cdj, it will automatically start on the selected bpm? I'm having trouble keeping some songs in time with each other although there at the same bpm on the cdi's they tend to, overtime, drift apart from each other and become out of sync? it has something to do with the tempo and bpm being the same, is there a way around this or are some songs more difficult to sync than others

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