Remix Mission — Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn-

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Become a better DJ-Searched Words


  1. Y ya salio a la venta el Music Cover? Porque conseguí una en una tienda de segunda mano y no encuentro ninguna aplicación en que usarla.

  2. best use case for the surface I've seen. custom keyboards is a great idea and partnering with a creative tool developer is exciting. too bad win8 is migrane inducing.

  3. I won a Surface2 with one of these and it's getting here tomorrow. Is it possible to use regular windows-friendly VST plugins with this? I am pretty clueless on the Windows app platform.. also curious what other synth/music apps there are? Wondering if it will become a useful piece of music gear in my studio or if I should just give it to my son for school lol

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