Remix Mission — Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn-

Learn How To DJ

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  1. Y ya salio a la venta el Music Cover? Porque conseguí una en una tienda de segunda mano y no encuentro ninguna aplicación en que usarla.

  2. This a true dj, he understand about music unlike the edm musician nowadays who using Apple mac and compose the music instantly while they didnt know anything about music

  3. best use case for the surface I've seen. custom keyboards is a great idea and partnering with a creative tool developer is exciting. too bad win8 is migrane inducing.

  4. I won a Surface2 with one of these and it's getting here tomorrow. Is it possible to use regular windows-friendly VST plugins with this? I am pretty clueless on the Windows app platform.. also curious what other synth/music apps there are? Wondering if it will become a useful piece of music gear in my studio or if I should just give it to my son for school lol

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