Serato DJ – Echo Out Drop On The One Transition-

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  1. Not that maybe important, but way in which you use the hot cue is call by some other DJ, the silent cue point drop technic. Just remember to have your software set to loas to first cue point and make the cue point at the end of the song the first cue point of the incoming song.

  2. Wow I didn't know this! hahaha i always did it the hard Manual way by trying to time it! & I've noticed a few times where the record will keep spinning after i am done with playing a song. but i couldn't come up with an idea for why that is useful. Thanks!

  3. Great tip, using DDJSX2 End of Track will only play 8 bars and stop.. no continuous play at the end of Track, Is their something that needs to be selected in settings to allow continuous play to happen?

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