Single Cue Point Pitch Play by DJ 69Beats-

Single Cue Point Pitch Play by DJ 69Beats

Single Cue Point Pitch Play by DJ 69Beatsis a on-line video to help you as you start to learn to be a disc jockey. With ebooks, comeplete tutorials, technical movies, on-line articles and in addition 1 on 1 classes for individuals dwelling in or close to Vancouver British Columbia
Single Cue Point Pitch Play by DJ 69Beats

video description
Please learn the outline earlier than watching 🙂

So that is the video to reply all these query you’ve got been asking me about my setup and the way I modify the important thing of the samples. It’s kind of lengthy so here is slightly desk of contents for y’all:

0:00 – My story behind the mapping and the “little keyboard”
three:32 – Rationalization of the mapping in TRAKTOR
5:02 – A bit of tone-playing showoff 😛
5:52 – [the best part imo] MASSIVE detailed break down of my “Mild It Up” tone-play from my profitable set of Polish Crimson Bull Thre3Style​ closing.
9:42 – Combining tone-plays with different stuff.

That is my very first video like this so please go simple on me 😀

Tutorial about mapping the “key regulate” knob:

Dj Rafik​s video about his setup:
Shout out to the one and solely Rafik! Thanks for mentioning me there!

My profitable set from Polish 3Style Finals:

My setup:
Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS
Stanton DJ​ Str8-150 Turntables
Pioneer DJ​ DDJ-SP1
QuNexus from Keith McMillen Devices​
Ortofon​ Concorde DJ QBert​ Version
MSI GE62 Laptop computer – sure I take advantage of Home windows haha


Discover me right here for extra:


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Single Cue Point Pitch Play by DJ 69Beats

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  1. Отличное видео.!Спасибо за работу.!
    Но я не как не могу понять ,как сделать так что бы.,Тональность менялась на одной и той же горячей кнопке,которую я укажу.
    А именно 3:403:47 Как это сделать?
    Привет с Украины.!)

  2. Hello, could you provide the values of the key adjust you input into controller manager for the key to be change from 0 to left and right to have a full octave please. I'm trying to do this but somehow it does not sounds like piano.

  3. hello i'm french and i dont speak
    je mix sur traktor et je j'adore ton travail, j'aurai aimé savoir comment tu fais pour faire le mapping pour avoir la transposition des sons…

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