The evolution of a DJ

The evolution of a DJ

I’m a fairly new DJ, well,  i have been a DJ for just under a decade, so that would actually make me an old DJ! however in my eyes I’m still a new DJ. DJ’s are always learning new skills as the music industry, the rave culture, the dj equipment, the instruments, the sounds, everything changes every couple years it seems.

vancouver dj servicesWhen I first started DJing, my best friend taught me and we used two record players (aka turntables) and a mixer. Not to mention the five milk crates full of old records that we had to Lug around with us from event to event and place the place.what a pain in the ass, not even taking into consideration all the times, somebody’s records, we broke records, we scratched records, all kinds of things.

And even if all the dj equipment is provided for you at the venue, you still have to carry around all those milk crates, your extra record needles, your high performance DJ headphones, and then some more records and of course…. your custom made dj turntable slip mats.

How is that the good ol Days?

Do you know what I carry around these days when I have a DJ gig to headline?

It’s as simple as two USB thumb drives that were run through Pioneer Rekorbox and my Pioneer DJ headphones. That is all that today’s EDM DJs need these days. All the equipment to DJ with is more or less universal, all the DJ software is industry standard. so as soon as I walk into the venue I know ahead of time that I will be completely familiar with their DJ setup.

For all the new DJs reading this, you will encounter at some point in the next couple years an Old timer who will give you a hard time for whatever DJ equipment you’re using that isn’t a pair of old school turntables. just ignore them.

They get lonely.

They’re running out of things to complain about.

There’s always something that older DJs complain about, if it’s not your dj equipment it’s your music.  if it’s not your music it’s your bass if it’s not your bass it’s the amount of vocals you have
then its your Kick Drum and if it’s not your Kick Drum it’s your mixing style and on and on and on.

And why would you say anything back to them anyway, all the money they spent on their antique rig they couldn’t afford to buy new batteries for their hearing aids and now that they’re so old they can’t hear anything, it’s a whole new playing field for all the new up and coming Vancouver DJs . ? ?

Snatching up the old timers residency gigs faster then they can ……

Drop the needle……….

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