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5 Reasons Why Real Vancouver Men Have Tickle Trunks

5 Reasons Why Real Vancouver Men Have Tickle Trunks

Here’s your opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the infamous Flailers Tickle Trunk

djbjorn dressed up in tickle trunk1

What is a tickle trunkWhat does a tickle trunk look like5 Reasons Why You Need a Tickle Trunk

What is this tickle trunk ?

Well for those not old enough to remember Mr Dressup, here’s an explanation straight from the uber nerds at Wikipedia :

Mr Dressup was a Canadian children’s show celebrity who would use a “tickle trunk” whenever children got rowdy and out of hand, he would lock them in this magical trunk…. sometimes for 7 or even 9 days at a time !

If you bought that, you’re an idiot like me… I started writing that stupid joke and half way through I was like, what a stupid joke… but having past the half way mark (much like this comment….whoa) i chose to finish as I felt half of the work just getting deleted and vanishing into cyberheaven forever, was too sad a reality for me to endure…. hence the joke… anyways…lol. According to the REAL WikiPedia :

The Mr Dressup set…
“The set for the show included the inside of Mr. Dressup’s house, with scenes shot in the living room, kitchen, and a kind of play room.

This included the Tickle Trunk (where costumes used in imaginary skits were kept) and a long counter where Casey and Finnegan often appeared.

Sometimes, the action moved outside to Casey’s and Finnegan’s treehouse.

Typically during a segment, Mr. Dressup would get a costume from the Tickle Trunk, such as one for an animal, policeman, or fireman.

Donning the costume, he would play the suggested role. Occasionally, when the Tickle Trunk would not open, Mr. Dressup sang a song and tickled the lock, hence its name.

The tickle trunk appeared to be magic as it always had the right costumes, in the right sizes, neatly folded at the top of the piles of costumes. Occasionally Mr. Dressup would need to make an accessory for his costume, such as a hat, which would lead to a craft.”

Now that you know what it is, here is why you should have one :

tickle trunk vancouver vancouver tickle trunk djbjorn tickle trunk

5 . As a touring DJ, the last decade or so,no matter where I was the outcome would be the same. I could be in England, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland or Sweden, it wouldn’t change a thing…I had made a ground breaking discovery……

I have found there are only 3 things in this world which will make people dance to music they have never heard before. These 3 things are … 1) Alcohol 2) Drugs and …. you guessed it 3) COSTUMES

When i first started the full moon parties, I’de check out every thrift store in Vancouver and make deals with them to buy all of the weirdest stuff they got that never sells… BUT…. I want it cheap…REAL cheap. My favorites were things like Elton John sunglasses, old wigs, old sunglasses, strange hats, fake moustaches, space helmets, kids construction helmets, any costume that would fit a grown man and funny hats…lots of funny hats (the weirder the better) and I’de chuck half my tickle trunk into the crowd during my intro

And you’de see it immediatly. The partiers with costumes on were ALL on the dance floor shaking their ass, within 10 mins. They all just seemed to become a different person.. someone else completely… people are strange.

So reason #5 is simply because:
A Tickle Trunk will help you with your dancing confidence.
4. Perfect for ANY party. I have yet to bring a tickle trunk to a party to have the event host dissapointed by this. Amongst all my friends, the tickle trunk is almost always requested.

So, reason #4… you will go to more parties. Well, you won’t be INVITED to more parties, but your tickle trunk will get lots of invites if its a good tickle trunk. And since it’s YOUR tickle trunk, you get to enjoy your “plus 1” status the whole night with your tickle trunk
3. Instant bonding experience enhancer. Usually someone would suggest getting dressed up out of the blue and I never say no to some tickle trunking. And not just with myself, but I see this happening with others while I’m djing

The pairs who dress up together, stay together…. for the evening.
Hence Reason #3 – It’s an instant bonding experience
2. They are actually quite rare considering how cool, positive, popular and fun they are. And they cost 1 trip to the thrift store and about $20 to $40 to start
So reason #2 is because they are a bargain / a new trend / a fast growing phenomenon
1. A tickle trunk will help you spice up your wardrobe. Ok, what I mean is… if you are like me and hate not getting value for my money, I would try to wear the outfits i spent money on as much as possible. After about 2 or 3 weeks of doing this, I become desensitized to the fact that i am wearing a crazy outfit. So once that happens, things like wearing a PINK tie, aren’t that big of a deal anymore.

This new habit will slowly but surely have you adding more color and/or strange accessories to your normal outfits. A bowtie one day, a tie the next, a captains sailing hat to school on Monday, or your own tie dyed tank top you just finished making.

So the #1 reason you should own a tickle trunk is….You have become older and are starting to have less and less fun. Adopting a tickle trunk asap, nurturing it, loving it, adding to it and sharing it with others will leave you feeling like growing up sucks and you want to be a kid forever

There you have it. djBJoRN‘s 5 reasons you should own a tickle trunk



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